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Classes we have on offer

Children benefit from creative expression during their childhood. Dance helps develop their confidence, coordination, concentration and the ability for self-discipline. Dancing is also character building and brings new like-minded friends and social skills.

Here at Rhondelle's we offer a range of classes in various dance styles to suit yours, or your children's needs. Whether it be classical ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop, classes are intended not only for students to learn but also to develop and inspire their enthusiasm for dance whilst having fun.

All classes are graded by age and ability. Each class is designed to teach techniques in a positive way to allow the learning process to be fun, yet fulfilling through constructive teaching methods.

Not sure, which class is the right one? Below we have some information about each style, or simply contact us and we will help you make the decision that will allow for an exciting and rewarding dance class.


The Pre-School class combines the basics of Ballet, Jazz, Tap and Hip Hop all in one class.

This is a great way to introduce your child to the world of dance, while also allowing your child to build coordination, reflexes, and fine motor skills. In addition, helping them to socialize with children their own age.

It is a weekly 40min class, a great introduction for little ones into the world of dance. This class teaches the basic technique while developing imagination, musicality, co-ordination, strength, flexibility and social skills.

Two dances (ballet and tap) are performed in our annual end of year concert by these students promoting self confidence and building self esteem.


Both a discipline and an art form, and is the foundation for all dance training. Ballet requires strength and patience because of its difficult technical elements.

Children will learn the joy of movement in a fun and imaginative environment while building strength and coordination. As students progress through the classes they develop musicality and motor skills using creative exercises. Dedication to the study over an extended period of time will increase fluidity, grace, and technique. 

Classical ballet emphasizes the technique of working in a turned out position, stretching and pointing the feet, proper alignment, and strengthening the muscles of the legs and torso. Ballet class is made up of three components: barrework, centre, and traveling across the floor.

Ballet is most well known for the technique of "point" in which dancers use specially constructed shoes to dance on their toes however this is only one facet of ballet and one which requires much training before achieving. 
Famous ballets include Giselle, Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty.



Tap dancing is fun. It is noisy but when you learn how, the rhythms can be fantastic! The old favourite tap dancers are Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers followed by the more modern in Dein Perry and the Tap Dogs who made the movie Bootmen. You are never too young or too old to learn to dance.

Once you start tapping you will never stop!!! Tap students wear shoes with special metal tap plates on the bottom.

Tap teaches children incredible coordination and a great sense of music and rhythm. We teach the BAL Tap n Beats syllabus, which was created by Nathan Sheens, who was himself an original Tap Dog.


Students learn all forms of Jazz, ranging from old musical styles of Jazz such as Chicago, West side story, Flashdance, etc through to the modern styles such as JFH that you see on the latest top 40 video clips.

Flexibility, strength and coordination are all benefits you gain from Jazz, but most of all, Jazz is simply great fun, dancing to all your favourite songs you hear on the radio today!

It is a great workout for everyone & is suitable for all ages & levels of ability.



Hip Hop is a street style dance. Constantly evolving, it is a free, funky and soulful expression of movement used by artists such as Beyonce, Justice Crew, Justin Timberlake, Neo, Flo Rida and Rhianna. Hip Hop class focuses on hip hop technique performed to the latest charting music. Hip Hop is street dance, similar to styles seen in the movies Step Up as well as on music video clips.

These fantastic classes bring all of the most up to date Hip-Hop / Funk moves directly into the studio. The movements are broken down so even if you have never danced before, you can hop into a level that best suits your ability.

Students relate to current music therefore the exercises are choreographed to the freshest chart music. Hip-hop is a great way to get fit and have fun!!!

stretch & Condition

Wanting to improve your flexibility? And build your strength to help you be the best dancer you can? Come and try our new Stretch & Conditioning class, on Wednesday nights at 7:15pm! With a combination of strengthening and conditioning work, to help you build your strength and control, as well as working to improve your flexibility, we can help you get to your goals! Open to all levels, we'd love to help you achieve your goals.



We also offer adult classes in the Tap and Hip Hop styles, these fun and casual classes are designed for the beginner or those who have had a small amount of experience in dancing. If you are looking for a fun way to exercise and get in shape this is sure to meet your expectations. So take some time out with your friends and join our extremely popular adult classes today.

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